R & D

V-Algo ICT and Infrastructure Platform
  • Research on using C++/Python, “big data”, data warehousing, data mining and analytics, cloud technology, network topology and hardware optimization to help optimizing and speeding up the decision making process of financial institutions, wealth managers and corporate traders in their investment decision and portfolio management
  • Establish and provide testing, accreditation, audit and forensics standard for innovative Fintech industry in QF and AT.
QF and AT Strategies
  • Develop QF and AT models and strategies libraries and apps for professional traders, wealth manager and institutional investors to enhance their investment return and risk management capability
  • Our management and ICT members are teaching and supervising post-graduate students in QF and AT internship and/or co-op programs at the Universities in Hong Kong.
  • We provide research, internship and co-op programs for both mainland and overseas students.
  • We coach and supervise graduates with institutional/professional investment firms for entrepreneurship program.